Stay Focused

Stay Focused prevents the annoying "focus stealing" that's been plaguing Windows since Windows 2000. Focus stealing occurs when an app pops up unexpectedly, like when you're in the middle of writing a sentence in another window.

How does this work?

By injecting a small DLL into every process running with user privileges. The DLL "hooks" (redirects) the process' system calls to SetForegroundWindow to an empty function.


Extract the app somewhere and run it, it will automatically hook all the running apps (except Explorer and Chrome) and watch for newly created ones. Closing the window minimizes the app to tray. To exit and unload it, click the unload button.

Don't run this with administrator privileges, system processes are not very safe to manipulate this way.

Feedback needed

This is an experimental beta version and a lot more testing is required. If you find an app that steals focus despite Stay Focused running, please let me know. If you'd like to see a particular feature, also let me know. Currently planned features are: GUI for blacklist/whitelist, auto start with Windows, installer.


Report issues or get the source code here